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Oil Miser heater will provide you with efficient and effective heating with Kerosene, No. 1 lower sulfur fuel oil or Ultra low sulfur diesel. They are very easy to install, operate and maintain. The revolutionary Toyotomi Oil Miser provides all the comfort and convenience of a central heating system in one small, efficient unit at a fraction of the cost. The Oil Miser can be used as either a supplement to an existing system or as a primary heat source for additions, basements, garages and even seasonal cottages. You'll save a bundle year after year, thanks to the Oil Miser's unbeatable 90% efficiency!



  • Compact size
  • Contemporary design
  • Automatic
  • 4 Cycle burner mode
  • 24 Hour timer
  • "Shut-Off" safety system
  • Power Failure Recovery System
  • Cool top cabinet
  • Display room temperature, set temperature, and error codes
  • Automatic igniter cleaning system
  • Whisper quiet operation


  • Height: 23.625"
  • Width: 19.625"
  • Heat Rating: High 22,000 BTU's/Hr
  • Heat Rating: Medium 15,500 BTU's/Hr
  • Heat Rating: Low 8,000 BTU's/Hr
  • Depth: 16.5"
  • Fuel System: External tank (not included)
  • Fuel Type: #1 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil or Ultra Low Sulfur
  • Fuel Consumption: High         0.173 Gal/Hr
  • Fuel Consumption: Medium   0.116 Gal/Hr
  • Fuel Consumption: Low         0.060 Gal/Hr
  • Weight: 38 lbs (empty)
  • Vent Pipe Hole: 2.75" - 3" diameter
  • Electrical Rating: 120 Volts AC, 60Hz
  • Preheat: 275 Watts
  • Burning: 46 Watts


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