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Nordic 400

Radiant or convection heating. For larger tents and cabins up to 1500 sq. ft. (More in some cases)All models are designed and equipped with a flat, thick, top plate that acts as a cooking surface. Available in 4 model styles.




Nordic 400 basic

Basic: If you're looking for a no frills heating system, here's the answer. The Basic offers economical, effective heating for those applications that require versatility and durability at low cost. 


Convector: Similar to the basic, the Convector offers the additional benefit of convection heating. Slots in the bottom and top of the convector cover create an airflow that increases the effectiveness of the heater.


nordic 400 duluxe 

Deluxe: Constructed of high quality stainless steel, the Deluxe offers maximum durability with improved appearance. Attractive convector cover is a standard feature. 


Nordic rustic duluxe
Rustic: The Rustic offers all the features of the Deluxe with the addition of a window allowing the warm glow of dancing flames to come out into your living area.



  • Operate without the need for electricity
  • Heavy stovetop allows all units to be used for cooking
  • High quality Toby oil control comes with built in safety features
  • Preset for #1 stove oil - unit can also burn #2 heating oil
  • Wide opening lid makes for easy lighting and cleaning
  • Optional 3.75 gallon plastic fuel tank and quick connect hose is perfect for emergency or day use


  • Height/Diameter: 31 in. x 16 in.
  • Weight: 60 - 65 lbs.
  • Output: 40,000 BTUs/Hr
  • Flue Size: 6 in.
  • Fuel Consumption: .122 - .399 Gal/Hr
  • Type of Fuel: #1 or #2 Heating oil


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