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Magnum Energy Inverters/Chargers

Magnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of premium inverters/chargers for Mobile and Renewable Energy applications. With over 150 years of combined inverter design and manufacturing experience, Magnum Energy uses these new design and manufacturing techniques to build some of the industry’s most reliable, advanced, and cost effective inverter/chargers and accessories. Below is a list of their different pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverter/chargers.

MM-AE Series

The MM-AE Series Inverter/charger is a modified sine wave inverer providing a cost effective solution for those with smaller power needs in renewable energy applications. Versitile, easy-to-use, and lightweight, the MM-AE Series provides a reliable base for your energy system.

MM612AE, 600W (12V) Inverter/Charger - Download MM612AE Data Sheet

MM1512AE, 1500W (12V) Inverter/Charger - Download MM1512AE Data Sheet

MM1524AE, 1500W (24V) Inverter/Charger - Download MM1524AE Data Sheet

MS Series

The MS Series Inverter/charger from Magnum Energy - a pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for back-up and off-grid applicationhs. The MS Series is a powerful, easy-to-use, and best of all, cost effective. 

MS2012, 2000W (12V) Inverter/Charger - Download MS2012 Data Sheet

MS2812, 2800W (12V) Inverter/Charger - Download MS2812 Data Sheet

MS4024, 4000W (24V) Inverter/Charger - Download MS4024 Data Sheet

MS-PAE Series

The MS-PAE 120/240V Series Inverter/charger from Magnum Energy is a pure sine wave inverer designed specially for the most demanding renewable energy applications. The MS-PAE Series is powerful, easy-to-use, and best of all, cost effective. 

MS4024PAE, 4000W (24V) Inverter/Charger - Download MS4024PAE Data Sheet

MS4448PAE, 4400W (48V) Inverter/Charger - Download MS4448PAE Data Sheet



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