Susitna Energy Systems

Batteries store the energy that is generated from an off-grid system for real time consumption or for a power failure on a grid-tied with battery backup system. Batteries for these systems are deep cycle lead-acid, meaning they are regularly deeply discharged, and can be either flooded (“wet”) or valve-regulated (“sealed”). Flooded batteries are ideal for full time residences, as they are usually less expensive than sealed batteries and require regular maintenance, but with proper maintenance they can last a longer lifespan. Sealed batteries are best for minimal interaction situations where they require little to no maintenance. 

Worried about proper battery disposal? Bring them to us! We can recycle your old vehicle and deep-cycle lead-acid batteries.

Lithionics Battery

Simpliphi Battery

Trojan Battery

Full River Battery

U.S. Battery

Rolls Surrette Battery

Solar-One Batteries with HUP Technology