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Toyotomi OM-148 Water Heater

A picture of Oil Miser 148 Water Heater


The OM-148 is replaced with the new and improved model OM-122.


The OM-148 can be installed as a sealed combustion direct vent unit or with a vertical chimney system. The Toyotomi/Oil Miser water heaters are on-demand, which means there is no costly storage of hot water until it is needed. Like all Toyotomi products they are safe, reliable, and easy to install. You'll love the convenience…and you'll love your new lifestyle

Shower yourself with savings year after year.



  • Economical: Some consumers have reduced hot water heating costs by up to 70%!
  • Heats the water you need, when you need it
  • Consistent water temperature
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Proven trouble-free performance
  • Safe: UL, CUL, home and mobile home approved
  • Direct vent or chimney vent
  • Small, compact size
  • Limited 10 year warranty


  • Heating Method: Semi-On-Demand (5 Gal heat ex.)
  • Type: Combustion Type- Pressure Vapor
  • Flue: Direct vent/sealed combustion
  • Ignition: High Voltage Discharge Spark
  • Fuel: #1 or #2 Fuel Oil, and ASTM D975 Ultra low sulphur
  • Fuel Consumption: 1.1 Gal/Hr
  • Capacity of Heat Exchanger: 5.10 Gal
  • Fuel system: External tank
  • Weight: 86 lbs Empty
  • Vent Pipe Hole (diameter): 4.75"
  • Maximum Length of Vent Pipe System: 10 ft, 3 bends or less
  • Electrical Rating: 120 Volts AC, 60 Hz
  • Required Accessories: Fuel strainer, Temp & Pressure relief valve
  • Temperature Fuse: 282
  • Electric Current Fuse: 5 Amps
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 12-5/8" x 27-3/4" x 22-1/2"


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