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Morningstar Charge 


Morningstar has more than 2 million charge controllers and inverters that have been apart of off-grid systems in 112 countries since 1995. It's products have set new standards in performance, innovateive featrues, quality and reliability, introducing the first PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller in 1995, and the start of its MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controllers in 2008. Below are a list of available PWM and MPPT controllers.

PWM Controllers:

SunSaver Controller - Download SunSaver Data Sheet

TriStar Controller - Download TriStar Data Sheet

ProStar Controller - Download ProStar Data Sheet

SunLight Controller - Download SunLight Data Sheet

SunGuard Controller - Download SunGuard Data Sheet





MPPT Controllers:

SunSaver MPPT Controller - Download SunSaver MPPT Data Sheet

TriStar MPPT Controller - Download TriStar MPPT Data Sheet


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