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U.S.Battery’s AGM products offer several advantages over both conventional flooded and GEL lead acid battery types. Since the acid (electrolyte) is absorbed in glass-mats (AGM) surrounding the plates, they will not spill if broken. In addition, since there is no free liquid to cause damage if frozen, our AGM Batteries are rarely damaged by freezing temperatures. Heat generation is reduced during the charge and discharge cycle, providing you longer and more reliable life cycles. All of U.S.Battery’s AGM products have very low self discharge rates allowing our batteries to be stored for longer periods of time without the need to boost charge as often. Hydrogen gas emission is less than 4%, allowing U.S.Battery’s AGM products to be used in aircraft applications and in areas with enclosed spaces (but not in sealed or gas-tight containers) U.S.Battery’s AGM 2000 plates are constructed and rigidly mounted while tightly packed to withstand shock and vibration found in many motive power applications giving you years of Reliable, Dependable and Maintenance Free usage.


Application: Maintanence Free and Leak-proof Environments

Nominal Voltage: 6V

Amp-Hour Capacity (20hr Rate): 390Ah

Type: Sealed Non-spillable Lead Acid (AGM)

Download US AGM L16 Data Sheet


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Content derived from on 12/18/2014