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As a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan Battery Company believes in providing clean and reliable energy storage solutions that enhance the way people live and work around the world. For more than 85 years, Trojan Battery has focused its experience and expertise in deep-cycle technology on manufacturing the highest quality, deep-cycle batteries available in the industry. 

T-105 Golf Cart 

Application: Small Cabin/Residential

Nominal Voltage: 6V

Amp-Hour Capacity (20hr Rate): 225Ah

Type: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery

Download Trojan T-105 Data Sheet





Application: Cabin/Residential

Nominal Voltage: 6V

Amp-Hour Capacity (20hr Rate): 420Ah

Type: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery

Download Trojan L16P Data Sheet





Application: Cabin/Residential

Nominal Voltage: 2V

Amp-Hour Capacity (20hr Rate): 1110Ah

Type: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery

Download Trojan L16RE-2V Data Sheet






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