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Solar-One Batteries 

with HUP Technology

Solar-One® batteries feature a design that’s so unique, it’s patented. Engineers at EnerSys® teamed up with DuPont chemists to design a flooded battery that’s so dependable, it’s backed by the longest standard warranty in the Renewable Energy industry (7 year free replacement + 3 year prorated). Solar-One batteries with HuP technology ensures that you receive more deep cycles, over its longer life, and a higher capacity for sustained performance during each cycle.

HuP® technology offers a battery plate that virtually eliminates flaking and shedding of positive plate materials. Flaking and shedding are the primary reasons for battery failure. They added Tetrafluoroethylene, or Teflon® (DuPont registered trademark for PTFE resins) to the lead paste used in active material of the positive plate. The Teflon forms fibers, and these fibers create a complex matrix that traps and binds the active material together. The material is then locked into place during a controlled curing process. The result, shedding and flaking are virtually eliminated, the lead paste remains cohesive, and contact with the positive grid remains in place longer than in standard batteries. 

Many models available!

Application: High and efficient storage

Nominal Voltage: 12V, 24V or 48V

Type: Flooded Battery w/ removable cells

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Content derived from on 2/17/2014