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After 3 years of design, prototyping and field testing, Ventera Energy Corp was proud to present to the world it’s all-new 10 kilowatt VT10 Wind Turbine in 2007. Ventera Energy Corporation ceased operations in July 2011 and the technology was purchased by North Coast Wind & Power, LLC, an Ohio based company and Ventera Wind, Inc. was formed in September 2011 with Dr. Bayly as part of the new team.

Ventera VT10—240, 10kW

The VT10 has no electronic controls in the turbine itself. This means increased serviceability and lighter weight. Our patented centrifugally activated outer blade pitching governor automatically limits blade rpm to about 270 rpm in winds of 29 mph and higher. A centrifugal force activated governor is the most reliable and time proven mechanical concept available, first used to control the 18th century steam engine of James Watt. Warrantied in wind speeds up to 130 mph while still producing peak power, the VT10 offers production when other wind turbines have shut down. In low winds our high efficiency injected molded blades offer excellent low wind performance also.


  • Patent Number: US 7,186,083
  • Rated Power to Grid: 10kW at 29mph-13m/s
  • Rated Energy: 2,000 kWh/mo., 14.5mph-6.5m/s at hub
  • Cut—In Wind Speed: 6mph-2.7m/s, propeller running
  • Survival Wind Speed: 130 mph or 58 m/s
  • Moving Parts: 14 – rotor, yaw, outer blade governors, hub arms, dampeners
  • Mainframe and Hub: cast 356-T6 recycled aluminum
  • Total Weight of turbine and blades: 580lbs – 263kg
  • Slip ring Assembly: 4 ring, dual brush & connection


  • 3 blade, downwind, fx63-137 airfoil, 7:1 tip speed ratio
  • Diameter: 22 feet-6.7m, optimum twist & taper
  • Swept Area: 380 SF/35.25 SM
  • RPM: 270 peak, 250-270 governor active
  • Blade: Glass fiber engineered plastic, injection molded


Rating: 15kva 240vac at 250rpm, 3 phase
TYPE: Rare earth PM three phase hybrid alternator, 32 pole, brushless


Limited 5 years on VT10-240


Ventera Wind is an American Company with manufacturing facilities in Duluth, Minnesota. The VT10 US Parts content exceeds 90%.


Certification of the latest generation of the VT10 to AWEA and UK standards is pending.


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