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Perryville, Alaska village micro-grid cuts diesel use

Ten wind turbines offset use of costly imported diesel and provide redundant power source to a remote village.

All-in-all the turbines have been great for us. They were a good investment.
-Gerald Kosbruk, president, Perryville tribal government


Perryville, Alaska is a remote village of 250 residents that can only be reached by aircraft or boat. Prior to the installation of a 10-turbine micro-grid in 2007, the village ran on one diesel generator.


Reduce dependence on imported fuel
Provide redundant power supply

Project Requirements

Generate electricity from locally available resources
Operate reliability and with few maintenance requirements
Tie to village’s micro-grid

Site Details

Average annual wind speed: 4.6 m/s (10.3 mph)1
Average solar insolation: 3.3 kWh/m2/day2
Location: 55.914389,-159.144917
Install date: November 2008


10 Skystream 3.7 turbines, 21 m (70 ft) guyed towers
Turbines provide clean, ready-to-use AC power (no external inverter or controller required)
“Ahead of the meter” connection directly powers village micro-grid and offsets diesel use
Project cost: $150,000


Annual energy produced in 2011: 34,816 kWh
Average energy produced in three years (2009, 2010, 2011): 29,311 kWh
Annual diesel offset: 19,200 liters (5,060 gallons)
Project payback: 4-5 years with fluctuating diesel prices
Permits village to run a smaller diesel generator
Reduces need for costly winter fuel import by air


Susitna Energy Systems
Village of Perryville electric utility

1. Perryville Wind Resource Report, V3 Energy LLC
2. U.S. Dept. of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory