Laser 60AT Toyotomi (ANTIQUE)


Owner’s manual provides complete, step-by-step instructions that are helpful and easy to understand.

  • Installation takes about three hours, or less
  • Vents through a side wall using the direct vent kit which is included with heater
  • Full range of optional parts and accessories available offers a variety of different installations

Toyostove Vented Heaters can use the following fuels without any modifications to the unit:

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
  • #1 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil, or K-1 Kerosene

Check with your local fuel oil dealer for which of these fuels are available in your area. EXHAUST SYSTEM
The Laser Series flue pipe makes venting to the outside simple and easy. Completely flexible, it adjusts to wall thickness. A small vent cap is all that can be seen from the outside. SET-BACK
Weekly Timer Operation allows for up to 30 different Set-Back temperatures. The Weekly Timer can be used to change the temperature for different days of the week and several times during the day.

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Advanced heating pipe-within-a-pipe forced flue venting system creates smokeless, odorless, clean heating.

  • Lower emissions (up to 50% less CO2) than conventional oil-fired heating systems
  • Outside pipe brings in outside air for combustion
  • Inside pipe exhausts all combustion by-products to the outside
  • Circulating fan distributes heat
  • Cool-to-the-touch cabinet
  • Permanent mesh filter protects circulation fan and interior components from dust
  • Electric surge protector and shut-off safety system.

This contemporary edition to the Toyostove line of high efficiency direct-vent heaters, Laser 60AT with wood fireplace design.
Attractive, rustic, antique-finish cabinet with ceramic simulated logs suited for rustic or residential settings. Perfect for cottage/cabin, living room, family room…or any room!

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Dimensions 30 × 24 in


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